The all-day show program is also worth seeing. Starting with the German Championship Para Agility, the spectacular KONG Frisbee show, movie dogs and much more.


More highlights

German Championship Para-Agility

Experience pure excitement. At the second German Championship, athletes with disabilities compete with their dogs and fight for the coveted winning places. Who will master the challenging course and become German Champion? On all three days you can watch the agility races in Hall 4.

KONG Dogs Need to Play Frisbee Show

Julia Reinecke has been professionally showing dogfrisbee at events and gala evenings since 2015. In 2016, the third place at the UFO World Cup. With her dogs "Remmidemmi" "Bargain" and "Oha" she plays in honor of the three-time European champion Sabine Wolff. Also participating are the dogs "Gwen" and "Groot" from the dog school "fein gemacht" in Schwarme.

Movie Paws

The film animal trainer and six-time Guinness world record holder Claudia Neumann from Dortmund, Germany, has been training animals for film and television for 20 years and will show you how animals are trained for filming. Her film animals are known from film, television, cinema, advertising and TV shows such as Soko Köln, Catweazel , Vielmachglas, Lilliane Susewind, Ein Fall für zwei, Heldt, Philips TV , Hundkatzemaus, Der Lehrer, Bosch ,Otto, Kik, Obi, and many more.