Mixed breed competition

You are convinced that your mongrel is the most beautiful? Then you should enter him in the mixed breed competition. All visitor dogs that do not belong to a specific breed may participate.

  • Registration for the mixed breed competition takes place directly on site at the judging ring.
  • A veterinarian will check the health and grooming condition of each participating dog.
  • Furthermore, the dog must run through a course and is evaluated by a dog trainer. The dog's basic obedience and social compatibility with people and other dogs are also tested.
  • Category 1: Children (6-14 years)
  • Category 2: Youths and adults (15 years and older)

Participation requirements

  • Each participating dog must have liability insurance.
  • Only healthy and socially acceptable dogs may participate in the mixed breed competition.
  • For this event the exhibition prohibition for docked dogs and dogs with torture breeding characteristics is valid.

Time: Daily from 11.30 a.m. - 2.30 p.m.
Location and registration: Hall 5